Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Online Transcription Services

Nowadays important Interviews are recorded for various reasons. They are useful for further proceedings and for evidences. They must be preserved for future reference. It is more convenient to preserve not only the audio content but also the transcripts of the same.

Interviews held within the department of Immigration, Police, Legal and Medical are immediately transcribed and preserved after use in their data collection centers. Transcribing interviews are somewhat a difficult process for the new transcriptionists due to the various tones, dialects and speed involved especially with the difficulty level will be more in the live and verbatim programs.

Perceive Transcript is one of the top most online transcription companies providing real time as well pre recorded interview transcriptions in all languages of the world. The accuracy level produced by the professionals is more than 98%. They handover the completed projects only after several layers of proof reading and editing.

You can now get variety of transcription service at Massive Transcript . It is one of the well known transcription service provider that provides ample scope for each of his customers. If you are the new customer and are not aware of its service, you can get a free trial from the particular company.

Academic Transcription Services are also quite popular with this transcription service providing company. As soon as you visit the website, you can easily get the spectacular transcription service
You can visit different websites that provides transcription services. The affordability is one of the factors in this regard. It will be quite easy for you to afford the Academic Transcription Services if you are with the Massive Transcript.

We have professional writers and transcription service provider who provides live word by word transcription service. Whether you want the transcription service for meeting, courtrooms or that of personal use, it will be quite easy to avail.

Best transcription services from an ISO certified company, affordable flat rate $0.85/min and fastest turnaround time with 24/7 customer support. 


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